A.X.E. Judgment Day | Panini

A.X.E. Judgment Day

On sale 5 April 2023

ISBN: 9781804910931



The battle for the planet is here! The X-Men claim they're Earth's new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. And the Avengers are about to realise exactly how many secrets their so-called friends have been keeping from them! Years of tension are about to lead to a volcanic eruption - and two worlds will burn!

Who has leaked the X-Men's secrets to their latest foes? Why is Tony Stark abducting an old friend? And who stands in judgment over the whole world? The clock is ticking. Midnight looms. But it's not too late...

Collecting: Free Comic Book Day 2022: Avengers/X-Men #1, A.X.E. Judgment Day (2022) #1-6, A.X.E. Eve of Judgment (2022) #1, A.X.E. Avengers (2022) #1, A.X.E. Eternals (2022) #1, A.X.E. X-men (2022) #1 and A.X.E. Judgment Day: Omega (2022) #1.