Captain America – The First 80 Years | Panini

On sale 7 October 2021

ISBN: 978-1-84653-332-7

228 pages

Price: £12.99

Age: 8+


Captain America, the superhero created in 1941 by master storytellers Joe Simon and Jack Kirby has spanned decades of American history. Reinvented in the 1960s to become a modern symbol of justice: the critical conscience of a nation. While his foes may have been able to defeat, betray, or even kill him, Captain America has always returned to show us that there is always a better way. For this Super–Soldier is no soulless icon, but a man who would give his all for freedom. This is his story.

This collector's edition is packed with enthralling history, story arc backgrounds and a writer and artist backdrop that will piece together an incredible journey for an iconic hero.