Carnage Reigns | Panini

On sale 2 November 2023

ISBN: 9781804911525

204 pages softcover


Carnage vs. Miles Morales! 

Cletus Kasady is back - and badder than ever. With his soul trapped inside the Extrembiote Armour created by Tony Stark during KING IN BLACK, Cletus now has the means to level an untold amount of chaos on New York City – and the entire Marvel Universe! 

But like any good Tony Stark invention, the Extremis coursing through Cletus' symbiotic veins needs power – and that means Cletus is hungry. Good thing Brooklyn's very own Spider-Man is there to stand in his way! If Miles survives their first encounter, that is. But where will the young would-be hero known as the Red Goblin stand in this fight? And now that Cletus has scored himself an upgrade, can Miles level up to match?! 

Collecting: Carnage Reigns: Alpha (2023) #1, Carnage (2022) #13-14, Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #6-7, Red Goblin (2023) #5 and Carnage Reigns: Omega (2023) #1.