Deadpool and Wolverine Vol. 1 #17 | Panini

On sale 30 May 2024 

48 pages of maniacal monstrous mayhem!  


A new Wolverine saga, Last Mutant Standing, begins! In the aftermath of Weapons of X, Wolverine is hunting down his last remaining clones… but runs into Hulk and Wendigo!

Plus, we join Deadpool on his final mission for his Seven Slaughters, as the Merc with a Mouth is hired to clear out an A.I.M. lab of genetically engineered alien Brood!

By Benjamin Percy, Juan José Ryp, Marc Guggenheim and Whilce Portacio.

Reprinting material from Wolverine (2020) #37 and Deadpool: Seven Slaughters (2023) #1.