Deadpool and Wolverine Vol. 1 #2 | Panini

On sale 6 April 2023

48 pages



When Wolverine discovers Deadpool buried under a pile of dead C.I.A. agents and broken robotic replicas of the X-Men, he knows something fishy is going on.

Deadpool explains how he foiled the handover of an armoured briefcase to the C.I.A. as a gesture of goodwill towards the mutant nation of Krakoa. It is then that they are attacked by Danger, the physical manifestation of the X-Men’s old training complex, the Danger Room. Deadpool’s escape plan lands them both in a Las Vegas cell, prisoners of their former allies, Weasel and Maverick. Things are just about to go from bad to worse!

Reprinting material first seen in Wolverine (2020) #22-23.