Deadpool and Wolverine Vol. 1 #7 | Panini

On sale 24 August 2023 

48 pages of maniacal monstrous mayhem!  


Carnage breaks loose! Oh, did we not mention that the thing growing inside of Wade was Carnage? Because it is. And he's extremely done with hitching a ride with Wade and wants out NOW! Brace yourself, Wade – you're about to get ripped a new one! 

Plus, the Beast Agenda is revealed! Wolverine is a tool that Beast uses for cutting. And Beast will use that tool for only as long as it suits his needs. So, when Logan realises the true nature of the beast and cuts back, Henry McCoy will have to take matters into his own hands… 

By Alyssa Wong, Martín Cóccolo, Benjamin Percy & Juan José Ryp. 

Reprinting material first seen in Deadpool (2022) #5 & Wolverine (2020) #30.