Deadpool and Wolverine Vol. 1 #8 | Panini

On sale 21 September 2023 

48 pages of maniacal monstrous mayhem!  


“Love is in the air, everywhere Deadpool looks around. Blood is in the air, every bullet and every wound.” 

Deadpool takes his new romance, Valentine, out on the town! Unfortunately, bullets, blades and explosive devices are also in the air since they both have enemies who want them DEAD!  

Plus, WEAPONS OF X begins here! Beast will stop at nothing to protect Krakoa as he sees fit. Having lost the faith of X-Force and Wolverine, there’s only one mutant Hank McCoy can turn to - himself! Join Beast, Beast, Beast and Beast, under the leadership of Beast, into the new Krakoan era!  

By Alyssa Wong, Javier Piña, Benjamin Percy & Juan José Ryp. 

Reprinting material first seen in Deadpool (2022) #3 & Wolverine (2020) #31.