Deadpool and Wolverine Vol. 1 #9 | Panini

On sale 19 October 2023 

48 pages of maniacal monstrous mayhem!  


What does a trained killer do when trained killers try to kill them? Naturally, they try to kill those trained killers first. That’s right - the hunter becomes the hunted and then becomes the hunter again because, duh, he’s Deadpool, killing is his answer to most problems. 

Wolverine may be the best there is at what he does… but which Wolverine is the best? Beast’s extreme scheme to protect Krakoa from any and all threats involves a cloned army of savage Wolverines! 

By Alyssa Wong, Luigi Zagaria, Benjamin Percy & Juan José Ryp. 

Reprinting material first seen in Deadpool (2022) #7 & Wolverine (2020) #32.