Doctor Who: The Age of Chaos | Panini

On sale 1 July 2021



This special comics collection brings the biggest-ever story from the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine back into print! The Age of Chaos is a Sixth Doctor adventure written by the Doctor himself, Colin Baker! Illustrated by two of British comics’ greatest talents, John M Burns and Barrie Mitchell, The Age of Chaos sees the Doctor and his penguin pal Frobisher travel across the war-torn planet Krontep, battling wizards, warlords and witchcraft along the way!

Also: Three amazing stories featuring the Third, Fourth and Seventh Doctors, including the return of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, THE DALEKS!

Plus: An 11-page feature revealing how the stories were made, as told by their creators! Featuring photos and never-before-seen artwork!

148 pages, full colour.

Creators: Colin Baker, John M Burns, Barrie Mitchell, Gareth Roberts, Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett, Lee Sullivan and Vincent Danks.