Everything Is Fine Vol.1 | Panini

On sale 23 May 2024

ISBN: 9781804912133

272 pages


Age 15+

Perfectly normal couple Sam and Maggie live in a perfectly normal neighbourhood, with their perfectly normal dog Winston. All the houses look the same. The people sound and look the same. Everything is fine. But is it? Winston, their sweet dog, has been dead for some time now, and Sam and Maggie begin to struggle to keep up the facade of their idyllic suburban life. The mystery continues as the couple, despite being as 'fine' as they can be, reckon with heavy surveillance by outside cameras, and question their every decision. While both emotionally repressed and eerily disconnected, Sam and Maggie are one wrong move away from something much more sinister. Their neighbour, Charlie, catches on to this strange and manipulative force and attempts to escape from the watchful eyes of those in power, starting Sam and Maggie on a path of resistance. But rebels are heavily punished in this society, and deemed 'red-status', swiftly erased from memory. But there's really no need to panic... everything is fine. 

This volume collects episodes 1-16 of the WEBTOON comic Everything Is Fine.

Not suitable for younger audiences.