FORTNITE Official Black Frame series sticker collection | Panini

The brand-new official Fortnite Black Frame series sticker collection from Panini has arrived! Packed with exciting content and special materials, this is a must-have for all Fortnite fans.

Fortnite is a game from Epic Games that drops you on an Island full of battles and experiences. Battle solo or as a team to outlast everyone else — or create your own worlds with your own rules. Find out more at

Panini brings together all the thrills and action of the online video game in this unmissable collection. In this official Fortnite sticker collection, there are a total of 368 stickers, including 240 special stickers to collect and swap!

Starter packs include an album and 26 stickers and are on sale from 1st October in all good retailers and from Panini’s online store:

Starter Packs: £3.99 rrp
Sticker Packets: 90p rrp

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