Jurassic World – The Ultimate Sticker Collection | Panini

Panini’s brand-new Jurassic World sticker collection features an album, 216 stickers and 50 cards. Fans can relive all the films from the blockbuster franchise with this amazing collection, which includes a timeline, locations and iconic moments from all five films and of course key characters – both dinosaurs and humans!


This totally awesome collection features 20 special stickers which come alive when scanned in the Panini collector’s app! Hear dinosaur effects and relive some of the most memorable scenes from the movies. There are also shaped and holographic stickers with RAINBOW effect!


The 50 playable trading cards include each dinosaur’s size, weight and a rating of ferocity, intelligence and speed; 25 of the cards really stand out with a silvered effect!



The starter pack includes a 48-page album, 22 stickers, four cards and a card holder. The collection is on sale from 29th October in all good retailers and on Panini’s online store: www.panini.co.uk


Starter Packs: £3.99

Packets: £0.90

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Jurassic Park and Jurassic World
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