Marvel Essentials Vol. 1 #6 | Panini

On sale: 14 October 2021 – available to pre-order

116 pages



Marvel Essentials really lives up to its name this issue as we bring you the start of the Absolute Carnage saga. Yes, Cletus Kasady, everybody’s favourite pscopathic symbiote, is back, and he’s planning to free Knull, the dark god and usher in an age of darkness, death and slaughter. Now, if that’s not enough mayhem for you, we’ve also got the Savage Avengers, as Damon Hellstrom teams up with Black Widow and Conan the Barbarian to wage war on the slave trade.

Reprinting material from Venom (2018) #16, Absolute Carnage #1 and Savage Avengers Annual 1.

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