Marvel Platinum Silver Surfer Deluxe Hardcover Edition | Panini

On sale: 15th July 2021

ISBN 978-1-84653-968-8

272 pages


Marvel Platinum proudly presents a deluxe, hard cover edition of the very best Silver Surfer stories from the House of Ideas; including the Silver Surfer's first appearance, his first battle with the Hulk, his origin story, a forgotten tale of his encounter with the lord of the undead, Dracula, and a rare tale illustrated by European artist extraordinaire Moebius!

Collecting Fantastic Four Vol.1 #48-50, Tales to Astonish #92-93, Silver Surfer Vol.1 #1, Tomb of Dracula #50, Silver Surfer Vol.2 #1 and Silver Surfer: Parable.