Marvel Platinum: The Definitive Thor – Deluxe Edition | Panini

On sale 1 July 2022

ISBN: 978-1-80491-003-0



Thor – Norse God of Thunder, protector of Asgard and Earth!

Immensely powerful and a warrior without peer, Thor is cast down to Midgard (Earth) by his father, the almighty Odin, to learn humility. Trapped in the frail mortal form of Dr. Donald Blake, when he strikes his cane upon the ground he is transformed into one of Marvel's most powerful super heroes!

Marvel Platinum: The Definitive Thor brings together the very best tales from the character's 60-year history, including some of his greatest and most pivotal moments.

Collecting: Journey into Mystery (1952) #83; The Mighty Thor (1966) #159, 200 and 337-339; The Mighty Thor (1998) #1-2 and 84-85 and Thor (2007) #3.