Marvel Select: Ms Marvel – Fists of Justice | Panini

Released 2 November 2023 

ISBN: 9781804911228

Price: £9.99

Age: 12+

124 pages

A monstrous swarm of robotic parasites are terrorising New York – and Ms. Marvel’s determined to find out who’s set them loose. But this is one mission the young hero’s not undertaking alone! She’s teaming up with three of Marvel’s most violent antiheroes – the surly, no-nonsense X-Man Wolverine; Moon Knight, merciless avatar of Khonshu the God of Vengeance; and the deadly symbiotic lethal protector himself, Venom! Together, Ms. Marvel and her unconventional allies are about uncover a sinister plot that could have devastating consequences for the entire planet! 

Reprinting Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1, Ms. Marvel & Moon Knight #1 and Ms. Marvel & Venom #1.

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