Marvel Select: Spider-Man – City at War | Panini

On sale 25 August 2022

ISBN: 978-1-80491-022-1

Price: £9.99

Age: 10+

164 pages


Discover a whole new dimension of web-spinning adventure as Spider-Man enters the Gamerverse! Expanding upon the shock-filled storyline from the award-winning Marvel’s Spider-Man game, this intense tale spins a fresh web of drama and intrigue as Spidey battles to stop the criminal mastermind Mister Negative’s rise to power.

Featuring a host of favourite characters reinvented for this exciting new universe, including Mary Jane, Aunt May, Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius and Miles Morales, this is an unmissable treat for all Spider-fans! 

Reprinting Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War #1-6.

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