Marvel Select: Spider-Punk – Battle of the Banned! | Panini

Released 5 October 2023 

ISBN: 9781804911211

Price: £9.99

Age: 12+

132 pages

1! 2! 3! 4! Grab your guitars, turn up the volume and get ready to spread some chaos with Hobie Brown, the spike-headed Spider-Punk! With Norman Osborn, Taskmaster, Kingpin and a load more fascist super villains looking to pull his plug, it’s time for Hobie to assemble the ultimate super-hero super group! Together with his motley band of outcasts and rabblerousers, he’s about to stick it to The Man like only a Spider-Punk can! 

Collecting material from Spider-Verse #2 and Spider-Punk #1-5. 

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