Marvel Select: Thor - Goddess of Thunder | Panini

On sale 30 June 2022 – available to pre-order

ISBN: 978-1-80491-020-7

Price: £9.99

Age: 10+

164 pages


The story of Jane Foster’s transformation into the all-new Thor is one of Marvel’s most incredible modern tales! With the once-mighty Thor now deemed unworthy, Jane Foster steps up to claim the fabled hammer Mjolnir for her own. As an ancient foe returns to bring war upon the Nine Realms, the incredible powers of the Thunder God are needed more than ever – can Jane prove she has what it takes to be the Goddess of Thunder? Dive in to discover the dazzling debut of this incredible new hero, as the legend of Thor is reborn.

Collecting Thor #1-4, Thor Annual #1 and The Mighty Thor #13-14.

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