Marvel Select: Wolverine – Patch | Panini

Released 3 August 2023 – available to pre-order

ISBN: 9781804911198

Price: £9.99

Age: 12+

124 pages

Madripoor. A vice-ridden island nation, a crime lord’s paradise… and a place that Wolverine once called home. Now, legendary creator Larry Hama takes Wolverine back to its neon-soaked streets for a never-before-seen tale from the fearless mutant’s past! 

In this pulse-pounding adventure, a simple recon mission into the jungle soon turns into a full-blown war as Wolverine finds himself trapped between deadly natives, rogue mutants, Russian paramilitaries, and S.H.I.E.L.D. With danger lurking around every corner and bloodshed on multiple fronts, he only knows one way to survive — claws out and playing by nobody’s rules but his own.

Reprinting Wolverine: Patch #1-5.

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