Marvel Select: Wolverine - Tales of Weapon X | Panini

Released 6 June 2024

ISBN: 9781804912010

Price: £9.99

Pages: 132

Return to Wolverine’s early days as an X-Man; a time when his past was still a mystery to all. 

Attempting to piece together Wolverine’s fractured psyche, Professor Charles Xavier takes a telepathic journey deep into the mutant hero's mind. But doing so means uncovering the horrors of the Weapon X programme. Can they separate fact from fiction to find the truth Logan so desperately seeks?

Plus, discover more tales from the Weapon X archive starring Sabretooth, Deadpool and Gambit.

By Mark Sumerak, Fred Van Lente, Mark Robinson, Tim Seeley and Andrea Di Vito.

Reprinting material first seen in Weapon X: First Class (2008) #1-3 and Wolverine: First Class (2008) #2.


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