Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #11 | Panini

On sale 25 April 2024

48 pages of awesome and astounding arachnid-adventure!

Only £3.25!



This is it! The final battle between Spider-Man, Iron Man and Carnage! Can our heroes defeat the psychotic symbiote before he infects the whole world with his insanity?!

Plus, Miles faces a whole load of new problems, such as an over-reacting Spider-Sense, and the hideous Hobgoblin!

Also, more Jurassic-era high jinx, as Spider-Rex returns to battle Kravertooth, the Hunter!  

By Cody Ziglar, Federico Vicentini, Rogê Antônio, Julius Ohta, Karla Pacheco and Pere Pérez!

Reprinting material from Carnage Reigns: Omega (2023) #1, Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #8 and Edge of Spider-Verse (2023) #1.