Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #7 | Panini

On sale 4th January 2024 

48 pages of awesome and astounding arachnid-adventure! 

Only £3.25! 


Will Spider-Man and Scorpion survive Carnage’s onslaught?! 

Plus, the truth behind Scorpion joining Agent Gao’s Enforcement Team is revealed, as well as Gao’s hatred of Super-Heroes!   

Also, Gwenverse reaches its epic conclusion! At the end of the universe, the Gwen-team confront Finalé! 

By Cody Ziglar, Travel Foreman, David Pepose, Paris Alleyne, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Will Robson, Tim Seeley, and Jodi NishiJima! 

Reprinting material from Carnage Reigns: Alpha (2023) #1 and Spider-Gwen: Gwen-Verse (2022) #5.