Minecraft Time to Mine Trading Cards

Panini’s brand new MINECRAFT trading card collection features a 207-core cart set as well as parallel versions of the foil cards to look out for! These special cards are randomly inserted in packets.

The set includes:

·         Hero Cards: Feel at the centre of the action!

·         Loot Cards: They are shiny and they are loud!

·         Sketch Cards: colourful drawings!

·         Achievement Cards: like badges you deserve for doing something cool!

·         Mob Cards: mobile entities are all around us!

·         Block Cards: see Mobs strike a pose on top of blocks!

·         Biome Cards: combine them to see Biomes crawling with action!

·         Scene Cards: Geometrry never ends, just like these combos of nine cards!

·         Parallel Cards: the ultimate prize: be the one who spots them first!

Starter Packs include a Collector’s album, 3 packets, 2 limited edition cards & a checklist.

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