Moon Knight Vol.4: Road To Ruin | Panini

On sale 2 November 2023

ISBN: 9781804911570

144 pages softcover


Moon Knight's adventures on the dark side of the Marvel Universe continue in thrilling fashion!

Moon Knight delves into the depths of the Earth to bring vengeance and justice to the subterranean seas of New York City – all while wrestling with new revelations brought to light by a savage murder! 

Meanwhile, what exactly has Zodiac been up to all this time? There's blood on the streets as assassins work their way through a list of names containing those who once formed Moon Knight's Shadow Cabinet. But with a number of potential targets and no idea who's next, how can Moon Knight save his former associates? And, when a sinister pied piper plays a deadly tune – one that spells death and chaos to all who hear it – Moon Knight and his companions are put in an impossible situation: How do you fight someone whose will is not their own?

Collecting: Moon Knight (2021) #19-24.