The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #42 | Panini

On sale 16 May 2024 

48 pages of pulse-pounding, awesome arachnid-adventure! 

Only £3.25! 

The Sinister War heats up!

Things could not be getting any worse for our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man… but they are! The wondrous web-slinger faces not one, not two, but six Sinister Sixes! And under Kindred’s direction, they are all out for his blood!

Plus, dark secrets are revealed that will change everything you thought you knew about Spidey’s world!

By Nick Spencer, Ed Brisson, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira, Diógenes Neves, Zé Carlos, Carlos Gómez and Federico Sabbatini.

Reprinting material from Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #72-73 and Sinister (2021) #4.