The Immortal Hulk Vol. 3 | Panini

On sale 8th April 2021
ISBN 978-1-84653-293-1
356 pages

He's cuddly. He's lovable. He's down with the kids. And he's available for your corporate retreat. Yes, there was another Hulk once — the one who made all those nasty threats about ending the world. But who needs him? The Living Hulk is here — you might know him as Xemnu. And he's going to save us all, or your money back!

But who will triumph when Xemnu battles Robert Bruce Banner, the strangest man of all time?!

Plus: As events grow ever stranger, the Thoughtful Man arrives — and his dreadful thoughts are vast and dark enough to swallow even the Devil. And when the war with the Minotaur finally ends, a grateful humanity will know who saved them all. Can there be a happy ending for the Immortal Hulk?

Collecting Immortal Hulk #31-40, Immortal Hulk #0, Immortal She-Hulk #1.

Writer: Al Ewing Artists: Joe Bennett, Butch Guice.