What If…? | Panini

On sale: 6th August 2021

ISBN 978-1-84653-312-9

144 pages



Discover how some of your favourite stories would have unfolded and how the lives of fan favourite characters would be inexorably altered if key moments in Marvel history had been changed!

Featuring the answers to: What if the murder of Uncle Ben led Peter Parker down a different darker path of retribution? What if Ilyana Rasputin doesn't join the X-Men or New Mutants? What if Thor had been raised by Frost Giants? And more!

Collecting: What If? Spider-Man (2018) #1, What If? X-Men (2018) #1, What If? the Punisher (2018) #1, What If? Ghost Rider (2018) #1, What If? Thor (2018) #1, What If? Magik (2018) #1.