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Release date:16 Sept 2015
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COLONY IN SPACE The Doctor and Jo are caught in the middle of a bitter conflict between colonists and a ruthless mining corporation on the desolate planet Uxarieus. Masquerading as an Adjudicator, the Master is searching for the Doomsday Weapon of an ancient civilisation, which he intends to use to rule the universe. THE DÆMONS Dark forces gather in the village of Devil's End when an archaeological dig releases Azal, an ancient Dæmon from an another world. Masquerading as the local vicar, the Master intends to take possession of Azal's psionic powers to rule the Earth, and only the Doctor stands in his way. DAY OF THE DALEKS In the twenty-second century, the Daleks have conquered the Earth. The only hope for humanity is a small band of guerillas who have travelled back in time, intent on changing events to avert this terrible future. Although sympathetic to the guerillas' cause, the Doctor suspects that history may be repeating itself.
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