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Release date:8 Nov 2017
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Binding:Perfect Bound
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THE RUNAWAY BRIDE The Doctor is surprised when a young woman, Donna Noble, is transported to the TARDIS on her wedding day. It becomes clear that Donna is connected to a plot to destroy the Earth by the Empress of the Racnoss. Can the Doctor and Donna save the world before it's too late? SMITH AND JONES When the Royal Hope Hospital is transported to the Moon, the Doctor meets medical student Martha Jones and the pair join forces to investigate. It's not long before a Judoon platoon arrives on the Moon to track down an alien fugitive... THE SHAKESPEARE CODE The Doctor takes Martha on a trip in the TARDIS to Elizabethan England to see one of William Shakespeare's plays performed at the Globe Theatre. But Love's Labour's Won is instrumental in the schemes of three witch-like Carrionites.
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