History of The Marvel Universe


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Authors:Javier Rodriguez, Mark Waid
Release date:4 May 2020
Product type:Graphic Novel
Binding:Perfect Bound
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK


The Marvel Universe is a sprawling, interconnected web of rich history... and now, it's all coming together] Writer Mark Waid and artist Javier Rodriguez chronicle the definitive history of the Marvel Universe from its very beginnings to the modern day - and perhaps beyond] And woven through the moments you know is a brand-new tale featuring previously unknown secrets and shocking revelations, connecting dozens of threads from the Marvel Universe's past and present] From the Big Bang to the twilight of existence, this sweeping saga covers every significant Marvel event and provides fresh looks at the origins of every fan's favourite stories] It's the greatest tale ever told -and a story you've never seen before] Collecting: HISTORY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE 1-6.