Lol Surprise!

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Product type:Stickers
Publication year:2018
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Notes:To order double stickers no. 158B + 160A, 163A + 164A, 169B + 174A, 158A + 160B, 163B + 164B, 169A + 174B please select the lowest number in the list (for e.g. 158B for the couple 158B + 160A).
Shipped from:Italy

Each sticker/card of the collection Lol Surprise! costs £0.65 (shipping costs excluded).

You can order a maximum of 50 stickers/cards..

You can place a maximum of 5 orders.

The Missing Stickers Service use is addressed to customers who wish to complete their own collections only and not to those who purchase for re-sale purposes.


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Please enter here the code printed on the back of the album.
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Example 1: 001111 AF 47V
Example 2: 001111 AFSP 47V 

Enter the numbers of the stickers/cards that you miss to complete your collection Lol Surprise!.

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