Mighty World of Marvel 12

Issue 12


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Authors:Scott Gray (editor)
Release date:7 Feb 2019
Product type:Comics
Binding:Perfect Bound
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK
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76 pages of Marvel Universe adventure! Four fantastic stories! The Guardians of the Galaxy discover one of the hidden Infinity Stones! By Gerry Duggan and Marcus To! The Thing and the Human Torch travel into the multiverse! By Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti! Hawkeye and Jessica Jones meet a very unusual dragon! By Kelly Thompson and Michael Walsh! Doctor Strange challenges Tiboro, tyrant of the Sixth Dimension! By Don Rico and Steve Ditko! Featuring material first printed in Guardians of the Galaxy #148, Marvel Two in One #4, Hawkeye #5 and Strange Tales #129.