Planet Hulk Omnibus

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Authors:Aaron Lopresti, Carlo Pagulayan, Greg Pak
Release date:1 Jan 2007
Product type:Graphic Novel
Binding:Perfect Bound
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK


After being caught in the explosion of the first gamma bomb, Doctor Bruce Banner finds himself transformed during times of stress and anger into the most powerful mortal to walk the Earth – the Hulk. Betrayed by his friends, banished from his home to the depths of space, the Hulk finds himself alone on a planet unlike any other, where he is captured, enslaved and forced to fight in the gladiatorial contests of the Great Arena. Subjected to the cruel whims of the planet’s merciless emperor, the Hulk must face his ultimate dilemma – to rise up and free an oppressed people, or to give in to the monster within and destroy them all! Collecting Incredible Hulk #92-105 and Planet Hulk: Gladiators Guidebook.