Volume 1


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Authors:Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel
Release date:20 Nov 2013
Product type:Graphic Novel
Binding:Perfect Bound
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK
The X-Women in their own adventure at last! An old enemy shows up at the X-Men's door, seeking asylum from an ancient evil come back to earth. Meanwhile, Jubilee has come home, and she's brought an orphaned baby who might hold the key to the Earth's survival... or its destruction! Against a backdrop of what seems like an alien invasion and an eons-spanning war between brother and sister, Storm assembles a team to protect the child and stop a new threat that could destroy all life on earth! Collecting X-Men Vol. 4 #1-4 and Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #244.
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