Astonishing Spider-Man 41

Issue 41


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Authors:Brady Webb (editor)
Release date:25 Nov 2019
Product type:Comics
Binding:Perfect Bound
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK
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76 action-packed pages of arachnid adventure! Spider-Geddon continues, as a beaten and nearly dead Spider-Man faces the favoured son of the Inheritors, Morlun! The wall-crawler has fought Morlun three times and almost died everytime. Can Spidey beat the vile vampire again?! By Sean Ryan & Juan Frigeri! Also, Miles Morales leads the Spider-Army on a raid on the Inheritors! But is it just a suicide mission?! By Christos Gage, Dan Slott, Todd Nauck & Carlo Barberi! The Spider-Army desperately needs new recruits! No one’s too weird to die for – er – serve the cause! So brace yourselves for SPIDER-MA’AM, a spider-powered Aunt! Also, a nightmare world where monsters roam the streets and a SPIDER-MAN strange enough to call it home! Plus, a Spider-Powered Captain Stacy! Police Officer by day, vigilante by night in a way you’ve never seen before! By Jed Mackay, Scott Koblish, Cullen Bunn, Mark Bagley, Ryan North, David Williams, Geoffrey Thorne & Todd Harris!
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