L.O.L Surprise: O.M.G. Sticker Collection

Collect every item of the fantastic MGA dolls

Panini brings you to Isla Nublar with its guests: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and the other fantastic creatures. A stickers collection with 216 stickers and 50 cards. Collect them all, both dinosaurs and humans.

L.O.L Surprise albums, stickers & cards

The Panini’s L.O.L Surprise collection contemplates 216 stickers, including glitter and rainbow foil stickers. Plus, there are 50 cards, which can be joined together to form an amazing mega L.O.L. puzzle! Kick off with the starter pack featuring 22 stickers, 4 puzzle cards, a card holder and the O.M.G magazine.

L.O.L Surprise missing stickers & cards

Add to your basket the missing stickers and cards to complete your L.O.L Surprise collection. Place your order with a maximum of 50 stickers/cards and receive it right to your door.