Jurassic World: the exclusive sticker collection

Relive all the iconic moments from the blockbuster franchise

Panini brings you to Isla Nublar with its guests: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and the other fantastic creatures. A stickers collection with 216 stickers and 50 cards. Collect them all, both dinosaurs and humans.

Jurassic World albums, stickers & cards

Discover our exclusive Jurassic World sticker collection, which includes a timeline, locations, and iconic moments from all five films plus 20 special stickers which come alive when scanned in the Panini collector’s app.

Jurassic World missing stickers & cards

Add to the basket your Jurassic World missing stickers and cards to complete your collection. Place your order online and collect all the items of the fantastic world of dinosaurs.