The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #14

Vol. 1 #14

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Authors:Brady Webb (editor)
Release date:24 Mar 2022
Product type:Comics
Binding:Saddle Stitched
Available for delivery to the following countries:United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Ireland
Shipped from:UK

There’s a new game in town, and the ante is quite high! Welcome to The Palace, a super-villain casino run by the classic (and under-utilised) Spidey-villain Chance! It’s got everything a villain could want, including betting on whether your archenemy is going to make it through his or her latest super-battle! Not only will this not sit well with Spidey, but it may just crush him! 

Plus, has Spidey turned to crime?! Is the Spider-Man/J. Jonah Jameson bromance finally over?! Is Jameson the new internet sensation?!

By Nick Spencer, Iban Coello and Francesco Mobili.

Reprinting material from Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #38-39.