Spider-Verse Sticker and Trading Card Collection

Spider-Verse Sticker and Trading Card CollectionSpider-Verse Sticker and Trading Card Collection


HOW MANY SPIDER-MEN ARE THERE? Way more than just Peter Parker and Miles Morales! In the endless possibilities offered by parallel worlds, one thing is constant: each world has its own spider-hero!

In this collection, discover more about some of the greatest spider-heroes in the Multiverse by travelling through different worlds ranging from dystopian futures to alternative pasts. Some realities are technologically advanced, while others are very similar to our own, with some small but crucial differences! Alongside Miles, Peter and Gwen, AKA Ghost-Spider, you will meet heroes including Silk, Spider-Ham, Spider-UK, SP//dr and Spider-Rex and visit worlds such as the Mangaverse and the Gamerverse, across 192 stickers, a spectacular folder, a comic to be completed with die-cut stickers and 50 cards – each one dedicated to a different Spidey!