Darkhold: The Book of Evil | Panini

On sale 5 April 2022

ISBN: 978-1-84653-345-7

184 pages



The Scarlet Witch is visited by a vision of death and destruction for the entire world. Doctor Doom has unlocked the power of the demon Chthon. The dictator of Latveria has read the most dreaded book ever written – a cursed tome in which every evil word has been carved into the skin of an Elder God: the Darkhold.

Scarlet Witch assembles a team of superhuman champions to face the crisis: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wasp, Blade and Black Bolt. But a fatal mistake twists the legends of these heroes and leads them all into a world of darkness and unimaginable horror…

Contains: Darkhold Alpha (2021) #1, Darkhold: Iron Man (2021) #1, Darkhold: Blade (2021) #1, Darkhold: Wasp (2021) #1, Darkhold: Black Bolt (2021) #1, Darkhold: Spider-Man (2021) #1 and Darkhold Omega (2022) #1.