Extreme Venomverse | Panini

On sale 3 January 2024

ISBN: 9781804911631


172 pages softcover

Face front, Venomaniacs! The Summer of Symbiotes is here, and you're vacationing in the Venomverse - along with a host of brand-new and returning twists on your favourite Lethal Protector! Including a fresh spin on a timeless tale, starring Eddie Brock as… Spider-Man! A whole side of the Brock family tree you never thought you'd see! The Venom of 1602! The incredible L.M.V. - that's Life-Model Venom, for short! Madame Venom of the Old West! The return of Venom: Spaceknight! Venom Noir! 

Plus: symbiote shenanigans starring the Black Cat and Jeff the Land Shark! And more varied and visceral versions of Venom! But don't get too attached to any of them, because not every symbiote gets out alive! 

Collecting: Extreme Venomverse (2023) #1-5.