Harry Potter 'Together' Contact Trading Cards

The brand new Harry Potter Together Contact Trading Cards are a must-have for any Potter fans and collectors! Featuring stunning imagery from the much-loved films, the collection comprises of 200 cards including 100 base cards and 100 incredible, rare metal cards PLUS 10 limited edition cards. With all the films’ favourite and infamous characters featured in this awesome collection including new angles on the films’ imagery, it’s a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

These new Harry Potter Contact Cards are trading cards with added value, offering collectors intuitive, fun playing possibilities thanks to their matching icon system. There are many different ways to play with the trading cards including connecting them like dominoes, playing speed games with them as well as ‘contact’ mode, making this new collection from Panini fun, engaging and competitive!

The new Harry Potter Together 'Contact' Trading Cards are on sale now.

Starter Pack: £6.99

Packet (8 cards): £1.70

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