The brand new official L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Sticker Collection from Panini has landed!


L.OL. and O.M.G fans will be stoked to collect stickers and personalise their very own journal which focuses on positivity and friendship with different sections to be filled in: My Style, My Feelings, My Skills, My Free Time and My Agenda. Plus, for the first time, the big sisters arrive in style in their very own O.M.G magazine inside. 


There are 216 stickers to collect, including glitter and rainbow foil stickers. Plus, there are 50 cards, which can be joined together to form an amazing mega L.O.L. puzzle!


Starter packs include an album, 22 stickers, 4 puzzle cards, a card holder and the O.M.G magazine. The collection is on sale from 19th November in all good retailers and on Panini’s online store: www.panini.co.uk.


Starter Packs: £3.99 rrp

Packets: £0.90 rrp

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