Marvel Select: X-Men - Days of Future Past Doomsday | Panini

Released 4 April 2024

ISBN: 9781804911990

Price: £9.99

Pages: 148


Despised by humans, hunted like vermin and imprisoned in death camps. This is the world of Days of Future Past, a cataclysmic tale that revealed a terrifying future for the X-Men – one where simply being born a mutant was a crime. 

Now, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Manuel García present the untold story of how this deadly dystopia came to be. Witness 30 years of tragic events that led to a world where Homo superior is hated and feared like never before — one that seems destined to end in mutantkind’s ultimate doom! Also includes the original Days of Future Past saga. 

Reprinting X-Men: Days of Future Past – Doomsday #1–4 and Uncanny X-Men #141–142.

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