Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis | Panini

On sale 3 October 2023

ISBN: 978-1-80491-173-0

124 pages softcover


A future filled with new heroes and villains! As society begins to crumble, Spider-Man 2099 will need all the help he can get – but does the public even want him to save their neighbourhood? Or do they all just want to watch this twisted world burn? 

When Nueva York comes under attack from Carnage 2099, Miguel O'Hara must gather new allies to stand against this terrifying threat! Enter Blade 2099: zombie hunter! Punisher 2099 reborn! Plus: future versions of Daredevil, Moon Knight, Spider-Woman and Ghost Rider! They all must face the horror of Halloween Jack, Carnage 2099 and his hive army! And death will fall on both sides! 

Collecting: Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis (2023) #1-5.