Hawkeye: Kate Bishop – Team Spirit | Hawkeye

On sale 1 July 2022

ISBN: 978-1-80491-033-7



Half private eye, half super hero and all hero, Kate Bishop is the other eagle-eyed Avenger that goes by ‘Hawkeye’. She’s been on the West Coast for too long, but before she sets her sights on Manhattan, this Hawkeye’s got time for one more mission, right? It’s the perfect case: a jewel heist in a swanky resort… but when Kate realises that it’s most definitely a trap, you can be sure her stay at Resort Chapiteau will be a holiday she never forgets. In fact, it’s a triple threat!

Can the hero find a missing girl, survive her stay, and work out what it has to do with her family? Hawkeye’s on the hunt for answers in this high-octane thrill ride.

Collecting: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop (2021) #1-5.